Wednesday, February 3, 2010

She's in Bed [ahem....again!]

I stopped by mom's yesterday and she is still in bed - it's my lunch hour so it's 11:30am.  She didn't hear me walk in (the alarm didn't sound - chain of bells she strings on the door). 

I mumbled to myself as I enter, wondering what orders she will yell from her bed.  I try to be quiet and move to the kitchen and as I pass her room, she is still sleeping.  I enter the kitchen and look in the refrigerator and begin filling her insulin needles.

Her medicine wheel sounds....she doesn't stir.  I grab her medicine from the wheel and put it on the table for her.  I wake her up and tell her the Meals on Wheels man just pulled into the driveway.  I met the driver on the porch and take her meal.  By this time, mom has moved from the bed to the table.  I place her meal down, get her silverware, cup of milk, butter and her insulin.

She tells me her nose is stuffy, I called her doctor and ask what she can take. (Mom's diabetic)  Afrin, they say.  I tell her I will go to the store and get it - she yells her grocery list as I stand down the hallway with my hand on the door knob.  Darnit, I almost escaped!

I come back and tell her I have to go back to work, that if I don't leave now -- I'll be late.....15 minutes later I interrupt her and say "Mom, I'm really late, I have to go".

Driving like a madwoman, I make it back to work--really really late -- still reeling from my visit.

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