Monday, February 8, 2010

Lunch with Mom

I stopped over today and was pleasantly surprised...she was not in bed, she was sitting at the table.  Immediately though, she started telling me to locate things for her -- though I'm not sure why she can't locate the items why she would wait for me to locate them..... 
Anyhow, I set up the humidifer in her room.  Done, Check!
I also set up her new CD player in her room.  Done, Check!
I filled her medicine wheel.  Done, Check!
I left her house today and actually made it back to work on time - Yeah for me!

She called me shortly after I sat in my chair, and asked if I could call her at 3:00 so she could get up and test her sugar! 

I am kind of mad about that - I mean come on I'm at work and she wants to call at 3pm to wake her up from her nap!  I would be appalled to ask my son that.  I always think about those things.  I always think to myself that I will take care of my health - it's my responsibility - not my son's and I will never ask him to wait on me when I'm capable!

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