Monday, November 8, 2010


I'm utterly disgusted by something I heard last week.

Jim took mom's desk out of her house without asking, Bernie noticed it was missing.  Bernie told mom it was missing and was very upset that Jim would take it without asking.  When mom asked him about it, he said that Josh took the dresser.  And guess what?  She believes Jim.

Jim also left a note stating that the new Ablify that the doctor put mom on to work with her Paroextine - that it would cause her a stroke and it was for biopolar people!  I spoke with the nurse and she asked who she keeps getting this information from.  I told her my uneducated, unemployed, drugged up brother!  She said she would talk to mom.

Last week mom had a 3 hour appointment with the folks from the council of aging, they are looking over her assets to see if she would qualify for Medicaid.  Since her assets are over $2,000 - they suggested putting her excessive into prepaid burial.  I don't agree. 

I'm so sad...I'm sad that it feels like I'm alone where the care of my mother is concerned.  I keep hearing folks will help, will do this - will do that.  But I don't see anything.
I need to focus on what I'm doing and fracking forget what everyone else is not doing..but how can I do that?

I am so tired..I just want to sleep for a week!

Like wake me up when this is over.