Friday, June 11, 2010

Guess Who is Promoted to 5th Grade and Earned All A's!

Dear Garven,
You are the kindest boy I know and I love how you care about EVERYONE!  Please don't lose that - it is a great character quality to possess.

Congratulations on getting all A's on your final report card - so extremely proud I'm bursting with JOY!
I love you and would go to the moon and back for you.  Love, Mom

Teacher notes from the year:
January:  I am very glad to have him in my classroom. He is a hard worker and picks up and applies concepts quickly.  Keep it up! 
Garven received a 99% = A on his A.A. assignment for this marking period!
Garven is great to have and class and continues to work hard. Keep it up.
Garven has been an absolute joy to have in class this year! He is a very hard worker and is the most respectful student a teacher could ask for.Reading - A


Writing - A-
Math - A
Science - A
Social Studies - A

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Julie said...

Way to go Garven!!!